Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This is what life is all about

It s currently 1.54 am and im still awake. Well, it has been my daily routine throughout my 3 months holiday. So dont expect me to get to bed that early. Unless you, those who are still with baju putih kain biru mehehe :B *kinda miss school*


Okay back to my title that s what life is all about, yeah what ? what ? I should say eat, pray and love. These are what life is all about. Eat is a need, pray is a must and love is the credit. Well, actually eat, pray and love is a movie title, a true story that comes out from a novel. An experience from someone who care to share. And i am one of them <3


I dont want to write alot since my boy is on the line, so pictures dont tell lies, arent they ?

isnt he the cutest of all men in BUMI ? :')

this isnt annoying , this is what we called as limited freak edition?
Lol sayang why so cute ? :'B

i shall take that as a compliment LOL XD

and not to forget to credit to this girl, a lovely friend of mine.


In case of you re feeling so stress out, heads up and never look back.
Life got so much episodes, dont worry heroin always got dumped. and you are one :)

Dear girl, NEVER ;

1. forget me
2. follow those bad ass
3. get lost in your new college
4. gives ur bb pin to pervert
5. take your meal late, or earlier. be on time! *cute tummy*
6. just goooo, im so saddd :(


So this is what my life is all about, instead of happy, there s also downs moments too.
With love HH
night !

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