Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New resolution, new me and new boyfriend ?

I think if i ever start to introduce my post with "it had been ages i didnt blog out anything yet" you may now call me a LAME ASS. Sorry for not blogging anything out since i dont have any mood to do so. But now luckily i have some due to someone who interested in reading my post. Hello there ;)


So i guess it s not too late for me to wish "Happy New Year & Welcome 2012" Im not that eager to celebrate my new year eve but thank you to Mya and all my girls for bringing me to Cherating wich is my very first time. Well there s something happened on that night but seriously it s better left unsaid. Heh.

____________________out of idea, HELP !____________________

My new year resolution will be ;

1. being a good woman to my mom and dad, my siblings, my boyfriend and my friend
2. Less disliking people and more pretending to like them. Eh ?
3. Always be in a good shape. I MUST DIET ! <---- the same resolution every freaking new year LOL
4. Please ignore my number 2. Thanks :D
5. Persuade dad for my new car. Amin (this is important kengkawan)
6. Always upgrade my inner self for a better future !

Thats all in mind aite now but i guess it will either gonna be true or gonna be what so ever .
Like i dont know me T_T


Talking about sloth,
We are now officially 1 year 2 months 1 week and 3 days :)
and still standing
im proudly sure to say that im not into any guys even they are cute, rich or whatever things that have 'cause imma have sloth aedy :)
Thanks b ! <3

Can i go to bed now ? I ve got nothing to say. Just that im having my live to the fullest. Thank you Allah for my lovely family and all the people around me. Thank you for being so kind treating an annoying person like me :D

Havva nice day buds :)

Night :)

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