Monday, October 25, 2010

Bonjour et peuvent vous avez une belle journée aujourd'hui.

Good morning , Mom s leaving to kl :'(

So it will be a hectic week for me in taking care of the house and members :)
I have to wake up sooo early in the morn , prepare for the breakfast and send my sis to school. Ohh forgot , have to do something with Moms' roses and Dads' bonsai Fuhh
I need a maid ! Urghh I dont know why they use to just come and go. Please stay :'(
And to Dearest Syasya , Sofea. Puhleaseee well behave. Dont ever try to lie to me that you guys finish school at 2pm but actually at 2.40. Gotha I asked mom already. Durhh im not your DRIVER okay ! So puhlease behave. I mean WELL behave in a strictly way :D
For Abah , you also have to found your socks and your stuff that mom always does for u by YOUR OWN. Dont be "kakak , mana ni abah?!" Kakak here Kakak there because i seriously dont know where the hell is your stuff. That s why , MOM ! YOU RE THE BEST :') And sorry guys , all of you have to take cereal for the breakfast yaa. Im not going to cook u guys nasi lemak , nasi dagang , soto or whatever. Maybe sandwhich sometimess can ! Hehe. Haa as I am the queen of the house , I ll be control all the internet stuff okay. uh uh uh NO ONLINE ya , that s mean NO FACEBOOKING yang kunun2nak cari formula addmath kepala hotak kau sofea :')I ll be waitching u guys. Bhahaha and Syasya , you know that I know you so well.So sooo well. No disney cartoon because you are having your final girl ! IT S FINAL. Err does it seems like important to you. I know that you always getting the first place in your class even batch also but doesnt mean u dont have to study , STILL HAVE TO ! Im your kakak , so shut up and listen :D Ohhh man I just love this job. Mom can u be there for two weeks ? :D JK!

I ll be cooking for lunch as Mom already bought all the groceries. Just say it and I ll cook. :B Because of you all I cannot go to pucket.It s okay Mom , I still remember and keep ur promises ;) that s y i sanggup masak , kemas umah semuanyaa HAHA.

Ok guys , i want to watch some movies ! wish me lucck and mama , take care ! will be missing you. XX

He is so adorable one :')

and tadaa , this one is my FAVORITE ;)

Can you guys see that LOVE SHAPE at his chest ?? well , he did that for me by scratch it. Ouch ! Thank sayang. You dont have to do this , I always love you no matter what. Hugs and kisses (':

p/s : I slept with my boyfriend last nite ! Hello thru SKYPE yaaa. LOVE YOU BF (':

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