Monday, October 25, 2010

Size isnt a number --"

Well start from tomorrow , I ll change my lifestyle and try to get thinner.
I look like a real gigantic gal , Thanks mom ! :'(

Things need to do for this 7 days :-

1. Wake up early for jogging with mama.
2. Eat breakfast and oh yes cereal only --"
3. Mama cakap if malas nak exercise , tolong kemas rumah & turun naik tangga pun tape
4. No lunch but yes for dinner. And MUST not heavy ! InysaAllah kurus kot :p
5. No makanan ringan just fruits and yeahh so lot of fruit here ! thanks MOM haha
6. Exercise and bak kata mama always keep it up :)

Dorongan hebat of course my boyfriend because I cant even shut up his mouth from commenting me. Urghh --"
and yeah also Mama , she also like him but not that out spoken :p

So people , get healthy with no fats :D See the pic tells everything there hehe

By the way , I ll be going to phuket but seems my dad s like TANAK LEPASKAN I , so it will a bit bermasalah. Well imma daddys lil girl hehe :')
Nice catching up eceryone. Sebelom tidur make sure cuci muka , gosok gigi and sikat rambut yaaa. Love you much XX


Boyfreind , ILY

p/s : Well it s pretty sweet to get to "in a relationship with Reyzian H. Alias" back in the facebook. So dude , Im taken and Babe, he s taken also. Bye Byeee :)

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