Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Addiction from an addicted friend.

Hello , I just want to introduce you guys my currently crazy insane obsession. Yeah I admit that I sound like a Loser because I used to say !@#$%^ to those who are addicted with the korean thingy. I know --"

But people change , so do i. Please dont expect too much from me :p

Today or should I say forever , I will always be KHUNTORIA biggest fan ever. Err did i said biggest just now ? Yeah I did , that ISNT BECAUSE IMMA HUGE. Fullstop T.T

Ladies and gentlemen , this is my new boyfriend so called NICKHUN (:


1. He s so damn cute.
2. He s a shining superstar.
3. He has muscle
4. He s loaded
5. His hair style is superb
6. Whatever thing he is , he will always be cute. Alllwaysss.

But but but, actually he s married already. I am jealous. But it s okay. His wife seems to be so adorable soo, i wont take it to heart much LOL. *err Nickhun please read my blog. You wont regret. :D

Alright guys , if you wanna watch this type of superb reality tv show. WE GOT MARRIED. Try to get it thru online. (:
Yes everything is just in one click. But to be kurus have to take million trillion clicks. --"

Ok byee !

Cepat cepat dapat anak yaa. Pastu kasi name HANIS-SHII (:


  1. i adore him do my lil' sis yang baru darjah dua..hehe

  2. awwww kirim salam dia pleasee (:
    kata kat adik , itu saya punye :p

  3. hanis!son jong qi lgi hensem la...dlm cite sunyungkwan scandal...=)