Monday, November 22, 2010


Good morning everyone, I woke up so early this morning and found out myself that i dont have any class yet today. Sounds like urghh , whaddahek. Please do inform your student a bit earlier so that we wont waste our time here , yes here in this deep forest ever. Sucks. Okay , no emo for a good morning hehe.

I am so bored that I dont have any options for the LIST TO DO THINGY , so i just facebooking and suddenly I realized that last night I ate Nasi Goreng Kampung that actually I really dont want to have any dinner starting last night but still I do have. --" , dont blame me MR HEALTHY DIET , blame my tummay :'(

So after a couple of time , I go online and search for this --->

This is PILATE BALL or also known as GYM BALL , I want this one please.

This pilate ball helps those women , girls (sorry idk whether men also use this) to build some body shape. And trust me , it really works. I am a teen girl and please i really dont want my backbone to be like the WARGA EMAS one. Really dont !

thru this thing , you girls can do bridge where you can build up some muscle at your tummy , six packs. And the good thing is , you dont have to do sit up that really reaaally hurt , and the next morning you ll wake up with crampy tummay. Why ? because when u do sit up , (for girls) u dont have any stuff that absorb your weight at your back. That s why it s soo hurt. So , stop !

The problem here is , WHERE CAN I FIND PILATE BALL at this lovely lil muadzam. I bet you , NO WAY ! So for those friends out there please help me find one , pleaseeeee. I dont care what color it is , as long as it is a pilate ball. Inform me tau ! I know you guys dont want to be friend with a fat , noob , horrible friend aite ? --"

SOS , Immediately. TQ :D

Let s do pilate everyone.

hehe okay bye *nak buat milo :D

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