Friday, November 26, 2010

Contest Natural Beauty

Hello peeps! How are you guys/girls doing ? Hope everything goes fine till the sun turns pink :D

Due to my bad mood and a little mood swing today , I didnt study for my 1st quiz. I did! but it was too late. Still i can answer some of it (:

About the entry, I would like to ask all of you. Err some maybe can to support me in this natural beauty contest. If you want to join this contest also can , please kindly click Natural Beauty Contest

Nothing hard, read the instructions below and have faith in it ;

Syarat-syarat penyertaan.

1- Mesti ada blog, takde blog pergi sign up blogger, NOW!

2- Mesti LIKE fan page Natural Beauty Contest

3- Takyah follow pun takpe, tapi nak follow lantak kau ah kan.

4- Gambar yang disertakan TIDAK DIBENARKAN EDIT menggunakan picnik, photoshop, photoscape dan apa sahaja yang boleh digunakan untuk edit kerana ini contest NATURAL BEAUTY. Make-up tebal juga dilarang keras ye.

5- Gambar boleh bersama dengan Bestfriend anda, Boyfriend anda atau Pet anda. Mesti paling cute dan comel -__- Kalau sorang-sorang pun boleh juga :)

6- Tag kepada 5 orang terdekat yang awak yakin akan join

It s a natural beauty contest so i am sure everyone knows what s mean by NATURAL BEAUTY. No photo editing , no make up , nothing. Just a pretty natural face (:

Haa before i forget , those contestant must have their own blog. Bloggers only (:
So let s join and support our adik-adik. It s soo cool that they both are just fifteen. Amazing isnt it ? :D

Dont forget to vote for me peeps, I LOVE YOU.

Kindly faithfully click This Two Cute Kids TQ

Have fun everyone. Thank you (:

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