Saturday, December 4, 2010

lil of something

Actually I was about to post something right after my birthday but sorry my time management was like stupid. Seriously. My hectic second sem just started a few weeks ago and next week im going to sit for my mid sem test. Just go die --"

Okay , Firstly I would like to share lil bit of something about my LAST TEEN birthday ! It was okay laa but yeah not that much okay because I was in my college that time and so many shit happened. Friends , family and sort of stupid stuff. Thank you so much for those who wish via facebook , sms , calls , emails and etc. Thank you so muccch. Im glad that u guys still remember my birthday LOL * sounds like a desperate birthday girl

Second , is about how s uniten treats me this lately. Sumpah I feel like OMG , why there s so many kind of peoples. I cant stand anymore facing those who are like jerks. But still , there s some kinda good and can be friend with. Let me tell you , I can be that sooo nice whenever u re nice with me and vice versa. So please do know my own limitation. Puhleaseee.

Muadzam ohh muadzam , believe me. We all are having such problem like those hostels did. NO WATER AT ALL. and it is for 2 days ! OMG. Sucks. and yeah yucks. That s why I decided to go home. Muadzam s really killing me. All part of me T.T

Conclusionnya , Im having such days like yours also. We re human , not much different at all. You have problems , so do i. Be happy , and get soo lucky. Byeee

Take care peeps , Love you all :D

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