Sunday, January 9, 2011

Something but still things

Hello peeps, Fuhh it s been like years i didnt post anything in this blog. Sorry busy with some stuff but still ada jugak yang have to cancel last laaaaast minute. I am sorry :/

Lets talk about me, yawww :)

1. Everything goes smooth and I have a lot of fun here. Eh not KL here muadzam Haha

2. My hair my hair my haaaair, it s getting way sooo long. Long and longer. Yeah I love it :D

3. Im sooo addicted with a song by madcon.Go and search now puhlease. It s damn great. Believe me laaaahhh. Im good in chosing such great song okayyy MADCON-GLOW ;)

4. Yeah Im not longer listed as in a relationship. Geez so many peeps keep on asking me why, well I have the right to choose the way of my life aite ? But still we will be a very great Bestfriend. Nothing to be sad, life still long way to go. Lets move on peeps. :)

5. I am back on the photoshoot track. Since like Im bored living in ths jungle so I decided to get back on track. Reyzian pretty dislike this actually haha, Sorry laaaa. Im addicted so much LOL

6. Iqa, hmm she s fine with me now even we both not that often talking each other but its okay. And yeaah we both had moved over to our brand new house where we have to climb up the stairs everyday. Tak apaaa view cantik ;)

8. Ok dah laaaaa, later on post lagi. :D chill !


1. Poor thing that my 1st brother had cut himself at hs finger past days. It was an accident. Now one finger had lost. Pity him cannot play poker anymore ;D ahaa gurau la abang. Take care okayy. Hihihi. Love you like soo soooo much XX

2. Hap Hap Happy birthday Abah eh yang keberapa dah lupa. Haih. Wani doakan the best for you dad. Love you till you lose all your white teeth ;D

3. Mom keep on calling me"kakak, your already 20. OMG" Time turns so fast. Well mama, kan lagi bagus if time tuu stay je so that everyday kakak can call mama asking fr money money money haha. Love you mom till you kedut seribu tiga ;D

4. Seriously honestly I miss them so much :'/ Take care. Nanti we all lepak at terengganu homie. Okay Abah, Mama, Sofea, Shasha, Hanif , Hafizz, Nenek atuk aaaah penat laah. Okay kan kan ?

5. Ehemm abah, you owe me a vacation. No alasan yaa Teeeettt muktamad :D

Well Peeps, Imma bit tired. Take a look at my latest photo yaa. Enjoy it. Love Love You you all !

By the way HAPPY 2011 ;) Bye !


  1. ya allah kesian abg u. jari apa yg putus tuh.

  2. jari kelingking eh yang paling hujungggg tuu