Friday, February 4, 2011

Gong Xi Fa Chai !

Hello there , ( tahu tahu sangat malas nak post blog this lately )
sebab tade mood and maybe jadual pack sangat --"
Okaaay im sorry yaa.
Back to the basic, Im having fun with families and yeeeeaaah girlfriends also.
Damn, so long no see them since everybody s busy with their stdy life. -____-'
So we all decided to have some fun. No club ! I swear haha
Hmmm can I make it short ? Aww thank yuuuu :)
Actually now im having my study week but my mom had turned it to be like sem break. Haha
Blame her and craccckkk my final is just around the corner. God
Hope for dean list but naaaaaaah I dont think by this way I ll score well. Dont ever mimpi lah ZZZ
So peeps, do pray for me yaaaa. Sorry for all wrong and thank you for reading.

p/s : happy birthday R.H (19.1) may Allah bless us always. ;)

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